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Listed below are items designed and developed for direct purchase.

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ControlIt PowerStores

The running now is chalk n cheese over what it used to be. I'm so happy with it now. Last week it was going in the fire pit.

I'll recommend your stuff to anyone that will listen.

- Andrew Matt, Queensland, Australia

I recently purchased some "Keep Alives" from ControlIt. The quality of the electronics is superior, matched by the size. I have been able to install the Square size KA in both NSWGR 45 class and 48 class locomotive models. The running performance is fantastic with long run time once the power has been turned off. Thank you to the team at ControlIt.

- Aaron Denning, New South Wales, Australia

ControlIt PowerStores (known as keepalives, KAs, or stay alives) give approximately 5 to 20 seconds* of additional power to locomotives and rolling stock fitted with an NMRA compatible DCC decoder. The designs have been carefully considered to provide maximum performance within a range of minimal spaces.

The range of PowerStores available

The range of ControlIt PowerStores available, from left to right: Trapezium, Square, Rectangle, Flat. Click on the image to enlarge.

ControlIt PowerStores are suitable to operate with control systems and decoders that conform to the NMRA DCC specifications and standards.

The Flat PowerStore is suitable for wide bodies and cab roofs, for example the Auscision Paybus, the IDR Models X200 class.

The Rectangle PowerStore is a versatile shape, which suits narrow hood and full body width diesel locomotives, as well as steam locomotive tenders and bodies.

The Square PowerStore was originally designed for fitting into the short hood of Auscision 48 and 830 class locos. It suits other installations, such as the Auscision 73 class cab and steam loco tenders.

The Trapezium PowerStores are suitable for going into cabs (one example is the IDR Models 70 class) or steam locomotive tenders.

ControlIt PowerStore sizes:

Each PowerStore comes with 100mm length blue (+ or plus) and black (ground) cables for attaching directly to a DCC decoder or manufacturer circuit board.

PowerStore prices: AUD $35 each plus $6.50 shipping to anywhere in Australia. Postage will be combined wherever possible.

All PowerStores are made to order.

*Note: The time range given for PowerStore performance is indicative only, as individual performance depends on the locomotive and DCC decoder in use. The PowerStores have been tested on a variety of locomotives from old Athearn mechanisms with open frame motors to modern DCC-ready models with efficient can motors.

PowerStore Gallery
PowerStore Installations

Interested in ordering? Please use the Product Enquiry Form.