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ControlIt products are available for direct purchase. Visit the ControlIt website for information, enquiries and orders.

The running now is chalk n cheese over what it used to be. I'm so happy with it now. Last week it was going in the fire pit.

I'll recommend your stuff to anyone that will listen.

- Andrew Matt, ControlIt PowerStore

I recently purchased some "Keep Alives" from ControlIt. The quality of the electronics is superior, matched by the size. I have been able to install the Square size KA in both NSWGR 45 class and 48 class locomotive models. The running performance is fantastic with long run time once the power has been turned off. Thank you to the team at ControlIt.

- Aaron Denning, ControlIt PowerStore

I just had an operating session and it worked flawlessly. I'm back operating, it is such an improvement. I'm really happy with the results, the interface is seamless and very solid. The sleepers are an excellent product.

- Paul Cassar, ControlIt Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Sleepers

Your boards arrived today, they are amazing. These boards have raised the kits I am producing to another level. I am very happy indeed.

- Client, Custom Printed Circuit Boards